Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training

This intensive training is unique in the Netherlands. It gives a deeper insight into Ashtanga Yoga as it is practiced in the traditional way.

For the 12th time again, this training will start in the spring of 2019.
Since the start of this training in 2008 we have guided more than 175 yogis on their yoga path.
We work in a small group (up to 18 people), which is personally and directly supervised by three experienced and well-trained yoga teachers: Fieke Klaassen, Marilou van Hoek and Claudia Pradella. Various specialist guest teachers are used to offer the highest quality in all areas.

There is a strong emphasis on your personal practice as an inner compass to deepen your knowledge of the other limbs of (ashtanga) yoga.



This program was started in 2008 by two dedicated Ashtanga practitioners: Sadhya Janneke Verburg-Wiersma and Claudia Pradella. Since then we have offered this intensive training every year to a new group of students and more than 175 enthusiastic yogis have preceded you.
The primary focus from the start of this training in 2008 has been to guide enthusiastic yogis in their teaching. At that time, there was little supply of ashtanga classes in the Netherlands and there was a need for well-trained teachers to offer this Ashtanga style of yoga (or other dynamic styles).
In the meantime we are 10 years further and also Ashtanga yoga in the Netherlands (fortunately) is well established.
This also shifts the objective of this training from teaching to a deeper knowledge of ashtanga yoga and self-knowledge for those who participate in the training.


To be able to teach (in ashtanga yoga) you will first have to have been a student (preferably a number of years). Official authorization to teach Ashtanga Yoga can only be obtained through years of study in Mysore, India. That is why this training is not primarily intended to train you as a yoga teacher but to let you dive deeper into your (ashtanga) yoga trip.
With this we hope to continue to honor the ashtanga tradition and lineage.


This training is aimed at educating authentic Ashtanga Yoga practitioners, who from their personal experience develop an in-depth understanding of all aspects of this practice. In the mentoring program you are personally and intensively guided by Fieke or Marilou.


6 weekends (Friday to Sunday)
1 retreat week
1 come back day


This course will be mainly in Dutch. We expect participants to at least have some basic understanding of Dutch.


Since the start of this training in 2008 the number of practitioners of asthanga yoga in the Netherlands (fortunately :-)) has grown enormously and with that the level of the ashtanga practice.
If you have little or no experience with ashtanga yoga then this training is less suitable for you. If you wish to (continue to) build up a (not yet) daily practice then we recommend you to (at least a few months) take part in the regular msyore lessons.
Do you already have experience with asthanga yoga and beside the asana practice you are curious about what the eightfold path of asthanga yoga is all about: we invite you to join us on an intensive journey.


In-depth personal practice
Primary (and Intermediate Series)
Breath, Bandhas, precise Vinyasas and Drishti
Alignment, specifically for Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga Philosophy (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)
Yoga lifestyle and eating habits
Basic Sanskrit and Chanten
Physical Anatomy and Yoga Anatomy
Breathing and Pranayama
Mentor program



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