Benefits of yoga

The reasons why people start yoga are very diverse and the benefits that yoga offers are endless. Perhaps you need more inner peace, do you want to become smoother or more flexible, would you like more energy, do you want to become stronger, have better health or maybe you just want to get to know new and like-minded people. For whatever reason you start yoga, it is always a good one! In addition, you also experience the other benefits, so be welcome!


De Yoga Studio is a yoga school where interested yogis are given the ability to work with their personal development in their own way.

We think that the physical growth starts through well taught asana classes by teachers that have a solid knowledge about technique and alignment as well as profound experience in how to teach modifications for different bodies and how to work with the breath in a supportive way. Many times the body becomes the way for many practitioners to start their relationship with yoga.

A strong and flexible body opens up the possibilities of being more comfortable in a seated position where the quietness and the mental aspect of the practice becomes more accessible and clear. Asana practice is to take care of our “container” where we live our lives. Here we create space for both activity, rest and recovery. 

Trough the classes and the yoga practice one also comes familiar with the way the mind works and gives us an opportunity to deepening the meditative meeting with ourselves. 

Yoga is a fantastic method for developing health, both in the body as well as the mind. You can also see yoga as a practice for your personal and emotional growth. We believe that the spiritual contribution that yoga practice gives develops automatically through the work of the students together with other dedicated practitioners and authentic, supporting teachers.

We provide a community where the circumstances are given for this magic to happen.