Ashtanga Education


This training is unique in the Netherlands: we combine the practice of Ashtanga Yoga with the wisdom of other philosophies and with effectively proven methods (Western and Eastern) for personal development.      



This training is intended for yogis who want to take steps in their personal (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) development. The common thread is the Ashtanga Yoga practice. We give you a deeper insight into Ashtanga Yoga as it is practiced in the traditional way and provide tools to apply it in your current life so that it can lead to profound transformation. During the training you will be guided by two very experienced Ashtanga yoga practioners with a professional background in personal development.


We work in a small group (maximum of 16 people), who are personally and directly supervised by two experienced and well-trained senior yoga teachers. Various specialist guest teachers are deployed to offer the highest quality in all areas.
There is a strong emphasis on your yoga practice and personal development as an inner compass to deepen your further knowledge of the other limbs of (ashtanga) yoga.  


The Yoga Studio is a yoga school registered by Yoga Alliance (RYS # 39132).
The Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training is approved at the RYS 200 level. This means that after successful completion of the training you can submit an application to Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) *.
This registration applies as an internationally recognized quality mark for yoga teachers.



In 2008 an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training course was given for the first time at De Yoga Studio Eindhoven. The set-up and supervision thereof was in the hands of Sadhya Janneke Verburg-Wiersma and Claudia Pradella. The training that we now offer has been completely renewed and adapted to the wishes and needs of 2019. Apart from the objective of being able to give dynamic yoga classes (such as Astanga, Power, Vinyasa or Easyflow) through in-depth knowledge of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, the emphasis is now even more on developing self-knowledge and transformation for those who participate in training. To be able to teach (in ashtanga) yoga you must first have been a student yourself (preferably for a number of years). You can only guide someone else on the path as far as you have walked. You are the most important instrument yourself! That is why we place so much emphasis on personal development in this completely renewed course.


-) Personal development This training is aimed at training authentic (Ashtanga) Yoga practitioners who practice yoga not only on their mat but also outside of it. Yogis who understand and are willing to work and live from the yama's and niymas. As Patthabi Jois said: asana is easy, practice of yama and niyama takes whole life. During the training there is a strong emphasis on personal development, self-knowledge and reflection.


-) Training participants to become professional yoga teachers. After completing this training, participants can independently and confidently provide ashtanga, vinyasa or easyflow lessons.


In the mentoring program you will be personally and intensively guided by one of the teachers.


6 weekends (Saturday and Sunday, 09.00-17.30 hrs)
1 retreat week
1 graduation day


Do you already have experience with (ashtanga) yoga (or another dynamic form of yoga) and are you curious about the eight fold path of asthanga yoga in addition to the asana practic: then we invite you to join us make this intensive journey. The training is also suitable for yoga teachers who want to be able to teach dynamic yoga styles such as ashtanga, power, vinyasa, or easyflow lessons.




1. Ashtanga Yoga

  • In-depth personal Practice
  • Breath, Bandhas, precise Vinyasas and Drishti
  • Alignment, specifically for Ashtanga Yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)
  • Yamas and Niyamas on and off the mat
  • Ayurveda, Yoga lifestyle and eating habits
  • Basic Sanskrit and Chanting
  • Physical Anatomy and Yoga Anatomy
  • Breathing and Pranayama
  • Teaching methodology


2. Personal Development


  • Self-study and modules in which attention is given and worked with principles of:
  • Mindfulness and insight meditation
  • Inquiry
  • Working systemically
  • Transfer and reverse transfer
  • Fair witness
  • Reflection reports


3. Mentor program

During the training you can go to one of the mentors with your questions.
The responsibility for this lies with the student because we do not take it over from you (and thus become entangled in a hierarchical dynamic). But we would like to open the door to new possibilities and perspectives for you so that you have the choice to take steps.




Students can register with Yoga Alliance upon successful completion of the entire (200 hrs) training.
You can find our YA profile HERE.




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