Inge de Weijer

Yin & Yang Yoga, Yin Yoga


How / when did yoga come into your life? What does yoga mean to you?

Yoga came on my path when I started looking for a different position / job. After giving swimming lessons for 10 years, my asthma caused me more and more problems and I had to look for other work. Soon I missed teaching and it became increasingly clear in yoga classes that I wanted to do more with it. When I started my first (Yin) yoga training in 2015, everything fell into place. After the yin training I also completed a vinyasa training.

Yoga still brings me a lot of peace and at the same time I feel powerful and more balanced. Previously I was often emotionally unstable and I always thought it was terrible that I had to cry so often. Yoga has helped me, among other things, to accept this and since then I feel stronger.

Furthermore, it always gives me a goal, because there are still many interesting aspects of yoga that I want to delve into. For example, after the yin and vinyasa training, I followed an in-depth study of pranayama & yoga nidra and yin-yang yoga. 

For a while now I have been delving into chanting mantras under the guidance of the harmonium (Indian instrument).



What can students expect in your lesson? What do you want to give your students?

In my lessons I try to challenge the student to look for his / her limits with curiosity. There is room to make contact with emotions and to accept what is present and what passes. Furthermore, every lesson I give is different because I mainly do it by feeling.


What do you do besides yoga?

Besides yoga, I pay a lot of attention to our family, which consists of husband Mark, Amorena (the daughter of Mark from his previous relationship) and our son who was born in August 2018. We also enjoy being with friends and family and we prefer to go on holiday to sunny destinations.


Which courses did you follow?

Yin - Yang Yoga training

Pranayama & Yoga Nidra in-depth study

Vinyasa training

2015 - Yin training