Intro course Yoga



Sunday 27th of January, 3th, 10th and 17th of February, 09.30-10.45 hrs



Power, peace and flexibility

Do you also want to experience what Yoga can do for you? Do you like physical challenge but are you also looking for mental relaxation?
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Power yoga is derived from the more traditional Ashtanga yoga. An active yoga that gives you peace, strength and flexibility. Physically and mentally.

This form of yoga is also very suitable for a strong and flexible body.

Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga assume a smooth succession of body postures, with a big role for your breathing.

Although it is a strenuous form of yoga, you will find that it is very soothing.

And of course we build the intensity in this 5 week course in a quiet way. After all, it is a course to get you acquainted with Yoga.


Subjects introduction course

  • What is yoga?
  • Basic breathing techniques
  • The sun salutations as a warm - up
  • The technique of the different postures.
  • Standing postures to build strength and balance.
  • Sitting postures, such as forward bends, for flexibility and rest
  • Back bends to increase the mobility of the spine and generate energy
  • Restful end positions for relaxation and the right posture for meditation

For whom
This course is specially designed to familiarize new yoga students with the basic techniques of (Power) Yoga. In addition, the breathing, the most important movements and postures are discussed, so that you can participate well prepared in all yoga classes.

Even if you have been doing yoga for a bit longer and just want to put the dots on the i, you are more than welcome.

For all men: let's be clear about it - yoga is not just for women. 500 years ago it was only men who did yoga. It is not just soft and fluffy! Yoga can be anything you want it to be.


Sunday 27th of January, sunday 3, 10, 17th of February, 09.30-10.45 hrs.
Price: 50 euros
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Of course you can also mail or call us to register or to ask questions: 040-293 29 9