intro workshop Ashtanga Mysore

Curious about Ashtanga Mysore Yoga? The Introduction to Ashtanga Mysore Yoga Program is the perfect way to start (or awaken) your yoga practice!


On Sunday afternoon, December 1, (13.30-16.00 hrs) you will start your journey and you will discover the wonderful world called Ashtanga Mysore Yoga under the professional guidance of Fieke Klaassen and Jeroen. In this 2.5-hour introduction session you will be introduced to the basic principles.


They introduce you to:

- the specific breathing technique (ujjayi breathing)

- the different energy locks (bandhas)

- the viewing direction (drishti)

- the sun salutations (surya namaskar)

- some standing and sitting poses and a number of relaxing end poses (asanas)

- regulating your breath (pranayama).


And of course they will tell you something about the yoga philosophy (sutras).


Everything to provide you with a strong foundation and prepare you for building your own practice during our Ashtanga Yoga Mysore classes.


Follow-up lessons

In addition to following the introductory session, the price includes: following all of our classes in December!

You can have a try in a (totally) different class, but of course we advise you to participate as much as possible in the Ashtanga Yoga Mysore classes.


Not a member?

If you are not yet a member of our studio, the costs for the introduction session + the Mysore classes in December are € 75.

You can reserve your spot by placing your order in your online shopping basket (events tab) and paying. And then send us the registration form (only non-members) by e-mail.
Of course you can also mail or call us (040-2932999) to register or ask questions.


Are you already a member?

Then your membership for the month of December will temporarily be upgraded.

The price difference is then:

- with 1x per week: € 31.50;

- with 2x a week: € 9.00;

- with unlimited: nothing extra at all! So you can follow the introduction session for free!

If you want to register, just send us an email and we will make sure that it is administratively arranged and a spot is reserved.


Make sure you reserve your place in time, because we work with a limited number of participants.

Will we see you in December?