Kinderhulp De Yoga Studio

School trips, sports, music lessons, celebrating your birthday, a day out. It seems so common that all children and young people (0-21 years) can do this, but not every parent can afford it.

1 in 8 children grow up in poverty. 412,000 children in our country.


They stand along the sidelines and can not participate. Nationaal Fonds Kinderhulp helps them by making simple things like sports, a day out, training or a gift from Sinterklaas possible. Child support does this since 1959.


Every year 17,000 collections collect about 900,000 euros. A full 50 euro collection bus can ensure that for a child, for example, a day out is possible or that, for example, due to swimming lessons, they do not have to skip an invitation for a swim party. Every year, Kinderhulp can help about 100,000 children.


Are you helping us to support Kinderhulp so they can help children by filling the collection boxes?

From Friday 13 April up to and including Saturday 21 April there is a collection box (in both locations).
So very nice if you want to take some (small) money with you when you come to De Yoga Studio so that you can donate or text the word "happiness" to 4333 then a donation of € 2.50 goes to Kinderhulp.


On behalf of Kinderhulp, thank you very much for your help!