Marijke Hulstein

Kundalini Yoga


How / when did yoga come into your life? What does yoga mean to you?

Already at a young age I was curious about Self development and yoga came my way. I still remember my first lesson like yesterday. It felt like coming home, with a desire for more. I was not immediately on the mat every week, but went on a journey of discovery. I followed trainings and retreats in bodywork and inner leadership. Personal experiences in my life also brought me further on the journey inside. Yoga kept coming back and felt like a natural anchor to stay close to myself.


After practicing different forms of yoga, I became acquainted with Kundalini Yoga a few years ago. I was immediately taken by the power and depth of this yoga form.

Yoga means to me; dare to experience life fully, with your body as a beautiful compass.

It gives me physical and mental strength, energy and vitality. It makes me aware of my feelings and desires and it gives me the courage and daring to shape my own life in my own unique way!




What can students expect in your lesson? What do you want to give your students?

My yoga classes are aimed at becoming more aware of yourSelf, your body, your strength and your infinite possibilities. My lessons vary from challenging to deeply relaxing.


A Kundalini Yoga class consists of a kriya (a fixed sequence of dynamic exercises and breath), relaxation, sound and meditation. Every lesson we work on a specific theme.


The most important thing in Kundalini is your experience
It goes right to your heart                           
No words can replace your experience           – Yogi Bhajan-


What do you do besides yoga?

In addition to my activities as a yoga teacher, I currently teach at the HBO - Verpleegkunde. By profession I am a nurse and health scientist. I have more than 15 years of experience in healthcare and I am specialized in mental health care, ACT and Mindfulness. I incorporate this knowledge and experience in my lessons, retreats and individual Yoga coaching that I offer. In yoga my passion for health, (life) energy and consciousness comes together.


Which courses did you follow?

 - 2015 KRI Level 1 Kundalini Yoga

- 2016 KRI Level 2, Teachertraining CC

- 2018 Toegepaste numerologie en spirituele psychologie

- 2019 KRI Level 2, Teachertraining, Stress & Vitaliteit

- 2020 start Level 1 Sat nam Rasayan Healing practitioner