Yoga as a way of Life

Yoga is a holistic approach to health that benefits our physical, mental, emotional and psychological well-being. “When we have an emotional problem, it also shows on our body. Yoga is not like a pain reliever. It does not promise to cure or anesthetize any disease, but it is preventive and it teaches us how to deal with our problems.

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4 ways yoga can improve your quality of life

Studies show that consistent yoga practice can improve quality of life in four key ways.


1. Anxiety and stress

Recent clinical studies have shown that yoga and meditation can reduce anxiety symptoms in both children and adults. Read more>>>>


2.      Sleep

Clinical trials have shown that yoga can improve sleep quality. Specific yoga breathing and sleep techniques are now being studied as treatments for sleep disorders and people with nightmares due to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Generally, practicing yoga to calm the mind before bed can result in a good night’s sleep, which is essential for good mental health and memory.


3.      Immune health

 Scientists researching how yoga and meditation affects people’s bodies are finding that yoga and meditation can reduce inflammation and boost immunity against some diseases. This because yoga causes the body to produce infection-fighting cells and reduces the effects of inflammation.


4.      Mental agility and social cognition

 Yoga can also help to boost your brainpower and has been linked to sharper attention and better memory. In addition, it may also improve ‘social cognition’, which is a person’s ability to read and recognise others people’s emotions and needs. And researchers are actively studying how yoga and meditation might help prevent the memory loss and brain-shrinkage that occurs as people age.


Yoga isn’t a cure-all for every disease, nor should it act as a replacement for medical care. But by lessening anxiety and stress, and improving sleep and cognition, yoga can make people happier and more self-aware. This will slowly improve how people interact with each other. Indeed, researchers have found that people who practice yoga for many years are kinder and more compassionate. 😊

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