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YESSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good news! From Wednesday, May 19, we may open the doors of De Yoga Studio again to receive you (Provided that the decline continues in the coming week).


Rooftop shala
The (group) lessons will, when the weather is good, take place as much as possible on our exclusive rooftop shala. Wonderful yoga lessons from professional yoga teachers under the soft murmur of palm and olive trees.


We are not yet allowed to give group lessons indoors. However, we are allowed to accompany you individually (in groups of a maximum of 2) with a maximum of 30 people per sports accommodation. In our case, this means a maximum of 12 people per room.
We will adjust our range of classes to this so that we can guide you safely, at a distance of 1.5 meters, during your yoga practice.


Live stream and ON-DEMAND
Of course you can still come to us for live stream and on-demand yoga classes.


Reserve your spot and experience the benefits of real Yoga for body and mind.