Pregnancy yoga eindhoven

Are living in the Eindhoven area and are you pregnant?

Congratulations! A special period full of changes. Changes in a time in which we expect a lot from ourselves and often do not have (or do not take) much time to reflect on this. Fortunately there is Pregnancy Yoga. A bit of me-time, good for yourself and also for your child. 


Pregnancy yoga is for hippies?

Not at all! It is not just puffing on a pillow or visualizing waterfalls. "Our" Pregnancy Yoga is characterized by down to earth exercises that aim to make you familiar with your changing body. You learn to find and keep your balance (physically and mentally) and to prepare for the birth and the first meeting with your baby.



- improvement of your daily posture (to prevent back, neck and shoulder complaints)

- you learn useful breathing techniques for during pregnancy and delivery

- be more relaxed by releasing muscles, but also by thoughts and expectations

- awareness of your pelvic floor muscles (delivery muscles)

- time to quietly make the connection with your baby

- a nice moment for yourself


Suitable for:

From week 15 to week 30 you can start at any time you want. Whether you are new to yoga or you have years of experience, you are welcome.



The lessons are given as of to be determined every week on Tuesdays from 6.45 p.m. - 7.45 p.m. and can be followed with a "Pregnancy Yoga strippenkaart". More info about the rates can be found here. You are welcome for a trial class.



If you are interested in lessons please contact us. The lessons will start with sufficient registrations so it is nice to know (far) in advance that you will be there.



The lessons are in Dutch. We have many English speaking students who follow the Dutch classes. Most of the time it is fine. All our teachers can speak English and when they speak to you individually (inside or outside class) they will do so in English.


Are you already a member?
Are you pregnant and are you already a member of us? With us you can continue with the regular lessons well into your pregnancy. But then consult with us by sending an email to [email protected] And inform your teacher as soon as possible. There are also a number of things that you better can and cannot do during this special period. This is different for the various teaching forms that we have. And the teacher can take this into account, but of course it must be known that you are pregnant.

It is also possible to switch to Pregnancy Yoga in the second or third trimester.

If you would like to switch to Pregnancy Yoga as a member, please contact us.