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Yoga is hip! More and more famous actors but also sports people find their way to the yogamat. Yoga is for down-to-earth types and bon vivants who know that Yoga is good for body and mind.

Why wait for a trip to Ibiza, Bali or other exotic place to get acquainted with Yoga while you can also get to know yoga in your own Eindhoven?
At De Yoga Studio you will find all the good of authentic yoga in a modern way.

We do not run after every trend but are certainly not old-fashioned.


At De Yoga Studio you determine how you want to get to know Yoga in the way that suits you.
We have been a name in Eindhoven for more almost 15 years. So do not hesitate any longer and come meet us!


You can choose from:

  • One-time trial lesson: always free.
  • Participating in one of our Intro to Yoga courses: in 5 weeks under the guidance of the same teacher and in the same group become familiar with the base for 50 euros. Next course, start 3th of July.
  • You take (consecutively) a membership. And each week selects from the wide range of lessons of more than 30 lessons. If you want, we reserve a permanent place for you, but you can also opt for freedom.


Do you want to start Yoga at De Yoga Studio? Good idea!
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Choose a trial class or take part in one of the special intro course Yoga (5 weeks).

For questions you can always contact us: or 040-293 29 99.

Here you will also find some tips if you follow a trial class.