starting with (outdoor) yoga

Start with yoga? Now?

Yes, perhaps now more than ever! Yoga contributes to strengthening your immune system. It helps you deal better with feelings like uncertainty and stress. And it improves your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is a very nice way to not only balance body and mind, but also to stay CONNECTED.


At De Yoga Studio you will find  authentic yoga in a modern way.
In addition, we have many years of teaching experience, so you get professional guidance from certified yoga teachers for whom yoga is more than a weekly sports moment.



You can choose from:

(So you choose either/or, if you want to add an extra trial class, introcard or intro course after your initial one, you pay the additional costs).


Become a member: and choose every week from the wide range of lessons of more than 30 lessons.



The regular lessons are all in Dutch. We have many English speaking students who follow the Dutch lessons. Most of the time it is fine and after a few lessons they can keep up just as well as the Dutch students. Many Dutch (or Sanskrit) terms are repeated so you learn them very quickly.
All our teachers can speak English and when they speak to you individually (inside or outside class) they will do so in English.

And during the Ashtanga Mysore lessons (a non-guided class) the teacher will only speak to you individually (in English if you want).

Yes, i would like to start with yoga

Do you want to start with Yoga at De Yoga Studio? Good idea!
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