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The teachers of the Yin Yoga teacher training are experienced yoga teachers with years of teaching experience, a daily yoga practice, and with in-depth knowledge and experience of the subjects they teach. And you can feel their commitment!


Below you can read more about their yoga path.





(Yin Yoga, yoga filosophy, personal development, teaching methodology, pranayama, mindfulness/meditation)

Fieke decides to follow the Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training in 2009 in order to deepen her own yoga practice but hopefully also to be able to apply some aspects of it in her work as a trainer and coach. As a trainer / coach she works with people and organizations in the field of mindfulness, communication, and awareness at that time.


Fieke Klaassen docent Yin Yoga docenten Opleiding.png


After the yoga teacher training, she is asked to teach at The Yoga Studio in Eindhoven and the yoga studio in Weert.
What first started as an evening a week quickly grows into more. In addition to giving a number of yoga classes per week (mysore / ashtanga style, vinyasa yoga), she is now also studio manager at De Yoga Studio Eindhoven, she works as a yoga teacher and is affiliated with the Ashtanga Yoga (teacher) Training.


She has had the privilege of studying and assisting various (international) yoga teachers.


In addition, she keeps her knowledge and skills as a trainer and coach up to date by regularly supervising training and coaching programs in the field of personal and team development.


As senior lecturer, Fieke is responsible for the content of the Yin Yoga teacher training. Due to her professional knowledge and experience as a trainer / coach, there is also a lot of attention for your personal development.
Through her experience as a studio manager, you will also learn a lot about the practical aspects of teaching and / or running your own studio.



(Tradidional Chinese Medicine, teaching methodology)


During the Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Sandra will guide you and deepen your knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She gained in-depth knowledge and wisdom of this age-old tradition while studying foot reflexology and later Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Sandra Goos-docent Yin Yoga docenten Opleiding



Sandra has a dance background and the love for movement was there early on. She has been teaching for many years, was a longtime teacher at the AALO and since the love for yoga has also taken hold of her heart, she conveys this with a lot of love and dedication to her students.
Sandra likes to take you on a journey through the meridians, the 5 elements, the influence of the seasons on those elements and much more of what makes Traditional Chinese Studies so fascinating.
Her thesis consisted of the influence of yoga postures on chakras.

Need to say more? If you really want to gain reliable, truthful, scientifically based knowledge about TCM, meridians and chakras, then Sandra is the right person for you.



In addition, various specialist guest teachers are deployed to offer the highest quality in all areas.
We mention some of them here:


Anatomy: Laura Alteveer-Ramakers
Yoga during pregnancy: Fieke Tils