Fieke Tils

Pregnancy Yoga, Yin Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga


How / when did yoga come into your life? What does yoga mean to you?

When I was 12 years old, someone already told me that I had to "go on yoga" later. Honestly, I thought yoga was strange, really not for me. Until through a long period of tension and pressure I got back problems and those words came up again. In 2012 it finally happened and I followed my very first yoga class at De Yoga Studio.


Yoga is a way for me to turn inward. The moments on the mat help me to really tune in to myself, to check how I'm doing, physically and mentally. It helps me to keep my body flexible and strong and to see things more clearly. It has brought structure to my life and has given my life direction. Yoga keeps me learning and developing myself. Yoga does not only take place on your yoga mat. It's so much more than just a workout. The most important lessons I've learned through yoga over the years relate to situations off the mat.



What can students expect in your lesson? What do you want to give your students?

What I try to pass on during the class is awareness. Becoming aware of the signals your body gives you, your feelings and your emotions. Every day is different. Check how you are feeling at this moment. It's not about how far you've been in the pose during class. Also, you don't have to feel completely happy after every lesson. It's a process. Yoga is so much more than just the postures and becoming more flexible. It's a way of life. A path that can help you find your balance, get to know yourself better, have more compassion for others and surrender to this moment. Don't be too hard on yourself, but don't be too soft either. You can often do a lot more than you think. On and especially next to your mat.


What do you do besides yoga?

Two days a week I work together with Fieke Klaassen at the office of De Yoga Studio. And further,  I am busy with my family and I really enjoy photography.


Which courses did you follow?

2021 - Yin Yoga Teacher Training, De Yoga Studio

2020 - Birthlight Perinatal Teacher Training 

2016 - Intensive ‘Ashtanga First Series Teacher Training’ met David Swenson

2015 - Yin Yoga & Anatomy

2014 - Teacher Intensive Training Therapeutic Adjustments

2013 - Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training, De Yoga Studio