Thaise Yoga Massage

Thai yoga massage is an ancient healing art based on the knowledge of Ayurveda yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Thai medicine. It is commonly applied in Thailand as well as the other countries around the world for therapeutic purposes and enhancement of physical and emotional well-being.Thai yoga massage has a distinctive approach and techniques in comparison with western massages. It consists of a broad variety of massage techniques and body stretches, which correspond to the theories of acupuncture and trigger point therapy, and some yoga postures.


The Thai Yoga massage works on the physical and energetic body through stretching related to yoga and with pressure point massage (acupressure). The whole body is set in motion so that energy starts to flow again and muscles and joints become smoother. Blockages are removed and complaints can then be reduced or even disappear. The massage is on a massage mat and the massage is given over easy-fitting clothing, no oil is needed.


In Thailand, this massage form is also called yoga for lazy people. The massage is good at various complaints, wonderful to de-stress and feel better in your skin or just to make your body a pleasure and relax.


Laura Alteveer

Laura is a yoga teacher since 2012. Her true passion lies in the Thai Yoga massage where she has followed courses since 2013, a 3 year HBO accredited education and further training. In 2016 she graduated as a Thai Massage Therapist and since then she has a fulltime practice in Weert in which she treats people with various (physical and mental) complaints. We are very happy that she also comes to De Yoga Studio in Eindhoven every month so that you can enjoy a mix of massage techniques and soft yet powerful yoga positions.



These are the dates on which Laura is present in De Yoga Studio to give you a Thai yoga massage.
(Time of treatment 12.30-13.30;  13.45-14.45;  15.00-16.00)


Friday 28th of January 2022


12.30 hrs
13.45 hrs
15.00 hrs


Thai yoga massage
60 min € 62,50




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