The Conscious Academy

The Yoga Studio has been around for 15 years and is a household name in Eindhoven. Besides a very nice place with well-qualified teachers with years of teaching experience, we are also a place for meeting, reflection and inspiration.


More than before, you can contact us for personal development. We are a place for everyone who is willing to look at themselves, really want to make contact and learn to live their own potential to the full. A place for those who get stuck in life and want to get moving again, but also for those who long for sustainable growth and want to develop further personally (and / or) professionall.  Life has depth and lightness, you will find both with us. We offer you a place where you can find your own place. A place where you are welcome, with everything you carry with you.


The range of courses (yoga-related but also personal development courses) will be further expanded in the coming period.
At the moment you can contact us for:


-) Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training
-) Yin Yoga Teachers Training
-) Education "zijnsoriëtatie"