tips for new students

Would you like to take a (trial) lesson at De Yoga Studio? Good idea!


First read the following tips, you will be well prepared for the lesson.


Before the lesson:
·     If you have your own yoga mat, please take it with you. You can also borrow one for the trial lesson.
      But as soon as you become a member, we would like to ask you (for hygiene reasons) to purchase one yourself.

      These are also for sale at the studio.
·     Wear sportswear or other comfortable clothing that allows you to move well.
·     The lessons are done on bare feet.
·     Do not eat (too much) before the lesson.
·     Bring a towel and a bottle of water.

·     For a Yin Yoga class: bring a sweater or cardigan and possibly socks.

      Also one or two fleece blankets and possibly a meditation cushion or bolster.
·     Make sure your mobile phone is off or on still. 


·     If you have an injury or some other health issue, first visit your doctor.
·     Inform your teacher before the class if you have health problems.
·     Inform your teacher immediately if you are pregnant.
·     Always inform the teacher about changes in your health.


Follow the following basic principles:
·     Yoga is not a competition, you only do it for yourself.
·     Move calmly and with full attention.
·     Never rush or force.
·     Stop and rest if necessary.


A first trial class  is always free! Sign up today! For questions you can always contact us: 040-293 29 99.