Vitality at work


A pleasant cooperation for both employee and employer determines the success of many organizations. Those who combine work and life with each other in a balanced way remain healthy and productive, flexible and keep on developing. Do you, as an employer, value the well-being, vitality and physical, mental and emotional health of your employees? Then the Yoga Studio Business yoga, -mindfull exercise, or mindfulness meditation might be interesting for you in the preventive and curative atmosphere.


The Yoga Studio Eindhoven and all involved (yoga and / or mindfulness) teachers are certified as school and personally by the Yoga Alliance. This means that you can be confident that your employees will receive qualitative instructions from qualitatively trained teachers who have adopted yoga or mindfulness as a lifestyle. They know how to create a safe, pleasant and responsible environment for your employees.


In our Company Yoga we combine proven yoga poses and professional knowledge from the Ashtanga Yoga tradition, Yin Yoga, Easy Flow Yoga and various meditation techniques to achieve physical exercises, breathing techniques and inner reflection.


You can use the benefits of yoga at work in various ways:

  • You can choose to arrange a lesson at your location once or several times a week by De Yoga Studio.
  • We also offer the possibility to (possibly in combination with your own location) to take out a business membership for your employees at a reduced rate, after which they can take part in a lesson of their choice at one of our locations.
  • We provide workshops or break-out sessions during meetings, multi-day training sessions or kick-off meetings.


Together with you we are happy to educate healthy, inspired people who know how to connect head, heart and hands.

We are happy to hear your wishes so that we can make a customized proposal for you.


Don't hesitate to contact us: or give us a call: 040-293 299 99.


Hope to talk to you soon.


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The team of De Yoga Studio