Emotional bodywork

Emotions are not just an internal sensation - emotions have a physical component. There is a reason why many facial expressions are universally recognized. For example, furrowed eyebrows often indicate anger or frustration. Lifted lips communicate happiness. If you're feeling tense, you may notice your shoulders or even your jaws and earlobes rising. And do you feel uncomfortable? Chances are you might even fold your arms over your chest. These are just some of the ways our bodies and emotions intersect.


The more we learn about our emotions and the (unconscious) reactions of our body, the more we know that body and mind are connected.


Emotional bodywork
Through emotional bodywork you learn to listen even better to the wisdom that your body carries within it. You get to know your emotions, so also the depth of your emotions. You learn to feel, express and articulate them. Emotional bodywork teaches you to relax in everyday life. It gives you peace of mind and provides a balance. Moreover, you also look for your deep motivations. Who are you really and what makes you really happy? In addition to this contact with yourself, your inner world, contact with the other is of great importance.

Can you emotionally allow the other person and can you trust and feel safe intimate with another? Or do you remain vigilant and do you have an emotional wall? Do you dare to come out fully in your own authenticity or do you remain sensitive to shame and rejection?


Live from your heart and body
Do you want to get started with your inner wisdom and experience the richness of your emotional life? Do you want to live more from your heart (and body) than from your head? Then come and participate in the workshop: emotions and the body on Friday 10th of March. This workshop is provided by Marcella Tam and Elen van der Burg.


Do you have a taste and do you want to experience much more what emotional bodywork can mean for you?
From Friday 21th of april, Marcella Tam and Ellen van der Burg will give
a monthly 1-day group workshop emotional bodywork.




Date and time
Friday, 10th of March, 11 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.




Includes tea



Marcella Tam and Elen van der Burg


The Yoga Studio, Scherpakkerweg 9b and c, 5616 HP Eindhoven


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