Breath and prana-workshop
Sunday 2nd of April, 13.30-16.30 hrs


We all breathe and often completely unconsciously, but everything we experience can cause breathing and therefore you yourself to become unbalanced. This can cause various complaints, such as: fatigue, illness and stress.

Stress is the main external factor that interferes with breathing. The effects of sustained and excessive stress cause malfunctions and disturbances on a physiological and mental level.

Breathing techniques are an antidote to all kinds of stress. Breath and energy have an irreversible relationship that was discovered and experienced by yogis in yoga philosophy before our era.


It is not for nothing that even now, in our busy society, this wisdom is being seen in a new light and the popularity of consciously connected breathing is gaining ground.


“As is the breath so is the mind, as is the mind so is the breath”.


In this workshop you will not only discover the physical dimension of breathing, but we will also pay attention to the even more subtle expression of breath or prana. We then work at the level of the pranamaya kosha (energetic sheath) within the subtle body. We develop the ability to correct, awaken and cultivate vital life force or energy.


Prana is essential in healing, it is essential for clarity and focus, it is essential to meet our daily needs and challenges. By consciously connected breathing you make a journey inwards that makes you feel more instead of thinking. No matter what you encounter, you feel what wants to be felt and learn to listen to your body's subtle signals.


You go home inspired and we give you tips and tools so that you can continue your breath journey after this inspiring workshop.


Workshop content

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Respiration
  • The effect of stress on our nervous system and breathing
  • Exercises to restore the quality of breath
  • Improved breath awareness
  • What is breath and what is prana
  • Insight and understanding of pranayama relationship between prana and mind, cleansing of the mind
  • Pranayama exercises
  • Tips and tools to continue your breath journey


For whom
For anyone interested in learning more about your natural energy booster, your breath, and how to use it as a tool for your self-healing ability.


Professional guidance
This workshop is given by Fieke Klaassen.



Date: Sunday 2nd of April 
Time: 13.30-16.30 hrs


Price: € 39,-

Includes tea and light snack
(During the workshop, you can borrow a yoga mat, pillow and blanket from De Yoga Studio).


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