Wisdom of your body

follow the wisdom of your body- Worskhop series 

About connection and healing 
Workshop serie-6 meetings


  • Can you emotionally allow the other person? Or do you remain vigilant and do you have an emotional wall?
  • Can you feel equality with another? Or do you often feel smaller than them? Or just that you are going to wear more?
  • Can you feel the protection of the other for you and also allow it?
  • Can you trust and feel safe intimate with another?


From Friday 13th of January, Marcella Tam and Ellen van de Burg will give a monthly 1-day group workshop emotional bodywork.
If you are curious but don't want to commit to a whole series, come and taste and experience during the intro workshop "Emotions and the body" on Friday 4 November.


Within the group you work individually on your process. These days we work in a body-oriented way using the power of pleasant, safe touch such as embrace to learn (better) to feel, express and offer comfort, love and warmth. We invite you to express your emotions and feelings authentically and with integrity through movement and sound. We work with the power of real commitment and empathy for each other. And with the power of deep, safe, abundant enjoyment. Dan Casriel's bonding psychotherapy is our common thread. (see also: www.bondingpsychotherapie.nl)


Each workshop has a theme, but guiding for us is your process, where you stand and where your needs lie.

We work with a fixed group of 8-12 people, who commit to 6 meetings each time.


Dates: March 10, Friday, April 14, Friday, May 19, June 16, friday 1th of September, Friday 6th of October, Friday 3th of November


Times: The workshops are always on a Friday day from 9.30 am to 3 pm.


An intake will take place beforehand.

Costs: Intake session (online) 35 euros.

Costs per workshop day 85 euros. Total 6 meeting costs € 510 euros.

Location: The Yoga Studio, Scherpakkerweg 9b en c, 5616 HP Eindhoven


For more information you can email or call:
Marcella Tam, bonding psychotherapist and body-oriented therapist, 0624429411 or [email protected]


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