Yin & Yang Yoga

Yin and Yang stand for the opposite qualities that we encounter in everything in life. Yin stands for softness and surrender. Yang is more in favor of action and being focused on things.


Yin & Yang Yoga combines yin yoga with a flow exercise.


The Yang part intelligently activates the muscles of important and possibly vulnerable joints. As a result, you develop strength, stability, coordination and mobility.


The second half of the lesson, the Yin section is a gentle, silent and meditative exercise that teaches us to relax and accept ourselves as we are. This surrender component of a Yin exercise focuses on the fascial layer of the body. The fascia that can stiffen and limit in both movement and energy flow over time. Through yin and restorative postures we bring back stretch and / or compression or the fascia of our body so that space can again arise and the energy flow is free.


A wonderful start to start the day!