Yin Yoga Training 2021-2022





A unique, in-depth and practical (yoga teacher) training in which you deepen your own Yin Yoga practice and learn how to teach Yin Yoga in a safe and inspiring way. Do you want to follow your passion and like many enthusiastic graduates who walked this path before you teach Yin Yoga classes? Or do you just want to know much more about this transforming form of yoga for your own benefit? 


You broaden your understanding of Yin Yoga, both on a physical, energetic and emotional level. And you learn more about meridians, chakras, the five elements, pranayama, meditation and mindfulness.After this Yin Yoga training you will be able to offer yoga exercises as a Yin Yoga teacher that are tailored to the individual needs of your participants.

You work on (further) developing your own unique style and your self-confidence grows. In short, you learn how to share your love for Yin Yoga with others! 
But even if you have no teaching ambitions, this is a very valuable training for your own personal development.



Group size

We work in a small group (max. 14 participants) so that there is sufficient individual attention. 



Recognized by Yoga Allliance and CRKBO

 The Yoga Studio is a Yoga Alliance registered yoga school (RYS # 39132).
The Yin Yoga Training is approved at the RYS 200 level. This means that after successful completion of the training, you can apply to Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) .
This registration is an internationally recognized quality mark for yoga teachers. 



200 or 100 hours?
At the start of the Yin Yoga Training you can immediately decide to participate for 200 hours (so parts I and II, and receive an attractive discount) or you can choose to start with the 100 hours and decide after completing part I whether or not you also want to continue with part II.
(After successful completion of part I you will receive a certificate of participation, after successful completion of part II you will also receive a certificate from RYT-200 with which you can register with the Yoga Alliance).

Part I will focus primarily on the anatomical part, the basics of TCM (traditional Chinese Medicine) and meridians.
Part II will be more about the energetic body, we will dive deeper into Chinese medicine, the five elements and the chakra system, pranayama, meditation and mindfulnless.
You can only participate in part II after you have successfully completed part I.


From day one you will be guided to deepen your own yoga practice and we encourage your skills to become a confident and creative yoga teacher. Becoming a source of inspiration starts with your own personal yoga practice, both on and off your mat. Yoga is not only physical, but also an expression of your heart, mind and soul. So be prepared for (re) discovering and investigating your mental and physical patterns during this training.


What will you learn and experience?
- Basic knowledge of anatomy. Knowledge of how the body functions: bones, muscles, fascia, joints, movements, organs and connective tissue.

- Basic knowledge of TCM, chi, meridians and the five element theory.
- Understanding of what various Yin Yoga poses can do for the physical and erergetic body.
- How to build up intelligent lessons. And how you can give yoga lessons that are inspiring in a safe, personalized and creative way.
- How to use aids and give personalized adjustments for postures, so that students practice Yin Yoga without unnecessary pain and injury.
- Pranayama, and breathing techniques.

- Mindfulness and meditation techniques that can support your Yin Yoga classes.
- Basic knowledge of the Yoga Sutras and yoga philosophy. 



Suitable for and conditions:
The Yin Yoga Training is accessible to everyone. Preferably, you have been practicing Yin Yoga for a while so that you can deepen your knowledge of teaching as a teacher.



After the successful completion of the first 100 hours you will receive a certificate of participation. Only after successful completion of part II (so 200 hours total) will you receive a 200-hour certification for the Yin Yoga Training which you can register with the Yoga Alliance.
You can find our YA profile HERE.



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