Easy ashtanga

Easy Ashtanga is derived from ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Ashtanga vinyasa yoga is a unique, dynamic and traditional yoga system that combines breath and movement.


In the Easy Ashtanga  yoga  (guided group) classes, you learn the basics of this unique yoga system.

Such as the sun salutations and fundamental postures.


You will be introduced to the characteristic breathing (ujjayi breathing) where you will not only create heat from within so that you use your full lung capacity but also provide the purifying effect.
In addition, the concentration on the breathing, which sounds easier than done, ensures that your mind eventually comes to rest.


Traditionally, this form of yoga, Ashtanga vinyasa Yoga, is taught one-on-one as a self-practice. It's called  Ashtanga Mysore style.
You will receive personal guidance in these classes so that the yoga practice is completely tailored to your unique physical and mental condition.
Due to the individual guidance, Ashtanga mysore yoga classes are suitable for participants of all levels.

In general, the advice is to take the yoga classes in the morning because that is when your mind is most calm.
With our busy schedules it is not always possible to participate in the morning so many of the group classes are Easy Ashtanga classes in the evenings.

Those who have a taste for it like to get out of bed earlier for the addictive mysore yoga classes in the morning or take part in one of the evening mysore classes (right at the start).




For yogis with a serious interest in personal growth and for anyone who is looking for more space, peace and strength in body and mind.
Ashtanga Yoga is suitable for all ages, levels and stages of life.


We offer Astanga-led classes on:
- "beginner level", the Easy Ashtanga lessons;

- "intermediate level", the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga lessons. Intended for those who are more physically advanced in their practice.
- "advanced level", the Ashtanga (half) led lesson. Where (all) the poses of the Primary Series (under the guidance of the teacher's sanskrit count) are performed.