Easy Flow

The body benefits from exercise. The mind benefits from stilness.


Easy Flow is a calm yoga style. The movements are connected at the pace of your breath, so that a gentle flow is created. You start slowly, build up and then slow down again. Each lesson ends with a nice relaxation. Because the pace is slower, there is more time to adapt the poses where necessary. And the teacher has more time to guide you personally.

Sometimes extra attention is paid in the lesson to a specific theme, such as hip openers or twists (twisted postures).


By moving at a slower pace, the muscles can be activated. Develop your strength, stability, coordination and flexibility. By using the breath you direct your attention inward, calm your mind and really come into the "now".


You do not need any experience for this class. This class is ideal for people who are starting with yoga, who are older, who have an injury, who are going through a burnout or women in the period just after giving birth. Or just for people who prefer to take it easy.


At De Yoga Studio you can take an  Easy Flow class several times a week. Several are happy to guide you, each with their own personality.

Curious about this calm style of yoga and do you want to participate? Check out our class schedule here. Sign up today!