A Mysore week to Clean up the Poison

The world is animated by an energy pulsation called Spanda. Just one of it’s names, it’s a Universal energy that let’s say, emerged with the Big Bang? The raw power of this emergence of time they say, it’s power and subtlety inhabit and pass through “everything” in the universe. We sentient beings are particularly fortunate as our unique physiology, has the “Ability to sense our selves sensing”. Our higher level and innate mammalian hardware and software can not only Feel Spanda’s power and subtlety (animals too) but also “Can” be fully aware of this experience (not animals). We just need to keep the software running. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Jumping to “Adulthood” where most of us Ashtangis are trying to operate, we feel at this point in our lives that basically something is wrong with our operating system, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga does something to open and stabilize it . It keeps it better updated so to speak. And the most important of those subsystems are the ones that feel and invite in Spanda. Jumping past the names and interrelationships, this inherent function has atrophied through neglect by unknowingly mistaking Halahala for Spanda, and breathing poison long term is never beneficial. So arriving by choice or accident, being placed, condemned or blessed here (pick or create your favorite) in the realm of Conditioned Existence we go to our mats daily to practice opening and staying connected with the single easiest and core function of our general sentience to hold in conscious awareness through life, The Breath.


 Stay tuned for more details, but for now we all know it’s pretty easy and fun to feel our breath open and stabilize when there is light beautiful waves of Spanda around. Various forms of appreciation of this flood social media and, though virtual, are attractive to jump into. Just like when our lives, bodies, minds and hearts feel aligned, practice feels like the perfect Spanda surf session.


But what happens when the black waves come. The ones full of that old poisoned conditioning is the stuff that collapse us back into our own samsara Habits that couldn’t feel breathing if someone payed you big bucks to feel it. This can weaken our emotional stability too and blacken it. But feel the power and strength we grew with diligent consistent practice in the light and beautiful waves, and if we stay diligent and consistent we can transform our old black habits so we don’t descend from Discernment of Budhi to Judgement of Ego and possibly into the darkest destroyer of yoga (Hatha Yoga Pradipika, chapter 15) the revilement of black "GOSSIP”. But even if we did, it’s not us at fault as “No one ever, is to blame”. This is the work of Halahala that has animated some innocent souls to front stage and together, with a conscious group, we can heal it in and forgive each and everyone involved. And, on larger and larger scales, neutralize the black nasty waves themselves.

But 2 things I’ve learned that are absolutely needed for this to be Fully Effective:

1 - We’re not so effective alone. And the trickier one to see clearly;

2 - we all need to do it onstage where the blackness concentrated and did it’s damage (anywhere else is just being in the audience). When we show up at the actual Ocean of Milk where the Halahala crept in, we can, together, breath through the black wave of churning and our own inner Shiva can emerge to contain and neutralize it so the Amrita can finally rise.

So..... most all us NL Ashtangis have some feeling of this black wave this past year and have some idea that this tornado actually touched down and caused major damage in Eindhoven. So this “ground zero” so to speak, is where i will hold the space of purification, the Ocean of Milk or “stage” where it all happened, the always beautiful space of De Yoga Studio.


Sunday 21 October to Friday 26 October

Sunday October 21st there is a (half) led class (you take part where your practice is at the moment). With 2-3 month of poweryoga experience you are able to follow the intnesity of this class. After the class we will have porridge and meet-up :-). So space to ask questions.


Monday 22 to Friday 26 October.
Choice of:
1. morning mysore. Start time between 6 am and 8 am. End no later than 09.30.
2. afternoon mysore. Start time between 16.45 and 17.30 hours. End no later than 7 pm. (own teacher of De Yoga Studio, wednesday probably by Ken)


Note: Wednesday 24 October is the moonday. That day too, we cordially invite you to a more relaxed / soft moon practice.


Join us

“All” are welcome to practice this week. Paid or not. Come join us for all or part of it so we may create “Peaceful resolution” to this pollution so it does't just get pushed aside to live and feed somewhere else. Nothing will be charged, but a donation would be gratefully appreciated for Ken’s presence and guidance.