Frequently asked questions

It's great that you want to come and experience whether yoga suits you. Almost all of our yoga classes are also suitable for beginners. Our yoga teachers have years of teaching experience and can give you adjustments (if necessary) for poses that may be difficult the first time.
Yoga is, first of all, not a sport, but above all an inner work-out, so there is no element of competition. Not with yourself, certainly not with others around you. That means that almost all of our classes are "all-level" (or maybe even specifically for) beginners.
However, there are several ways to Rome: one person likes physically challenging classes, while another enjoys quiet, meditative classes. And there is a choice of different yoga styles.

Which yoga style suits you is very personal. The purpose of yoga is to "quiet the whirls of the mind".
The way in which this is achieved can be different.
For example, one person prefers physical, physical postures to calm the mind, while the other person opts for more meditative forms of yoga. For example, you can also chant (produce and experience sound and vibration) to ultimately calm the mind.


This applies to all forms of yoga: Let go of attachment to the result. Focus on the road instead of the end goal. And be patient. Yoga is not a quick fix.
According to the yoga sutras, you should practice yoga for a long time, continuously and with sincere devotion, or attain the state of yoga.

No, you are free to choose from our entire range. Our advice is, certainly in the beginning, to follow lessons with one and the same teacher as much as possible. So that he/she learns to better your body and mind and can therefore guide you optimally.


You can book classes up to 4 weeks in advance. You can cancel your lesson up to 4 hours before the start of the lesson. We can then make someone happy with the space that has become available and you will receive the credit of the lesson back.


You will receive a number of credits per month that is the equivalent of your membership. For example, if you have a membership for 2x a week, you will receive 8.8 credits (lesson) per month. You can arrange these at your own discretion. For example, if you are on holiday and you cannot come to class that week, you can come and catch up with classes the week before or after your holiday.

The credits have a validity of 8 weeks, so you can make up your classes up to 4 weeks after your vacation. You can choose freely from the entire range. So if you want to choose a different style, day, or time, you can!



During pregnancy, everything in your body, mind and life changes. A special period in which you want to take good care of yourself. Yoga during your pregnancy can be super nice. At De Yoga Studio we have been guiding pregnant women during their pregnancy for many years.

There are different types of yoga that you can do during pregnancy, so pregnancy yoga is not your only option.


In general:

- advice not to practice yoga during the first trimester

- focus on strength instead of more flexibility
- be guided by experienced yoga teachers who can give you adjustments for postures

- prevent overheating

- enjoy, relax and become aware of the new life growing inside you. A good preparation for your birth is important, but an attitude of being mindful and feeling and taking good care of yourself too!


For more detailed information, look specifically about yoga during pregnancy.




Anything but, there is only one similarity and that is movement. And even in this yoga is unique, because every yoga practice gets a deep effect with the help of breathing and concentration. Yoga makes you aware of your feelings and thoughts. It appeals to your patience and curiosity and it works more with the principle of 'letting be' than with 'doing'. Yoga is therefore a practice, not a work-out! It is a spiritual practice that makes the body stronger, more flexible and healthier. The purpose of yoga is to calm the mind, open the heart and stimulate our spiritual development.