Yoga is hip! More and more people find their way to the yogamat. Yoga is for down-to-earth types and bon vivants who know that Yoga is good for body and mind.

Why wait for a trip to Ibiza, Bali or other exotic place to get acquainted with Yoga while you can also get to know yoga in your own Eindhoven?
At De Yoga Studio you will find all the good things about authentic yoga in a modern way.
We do not follow every trend, but we are certainly not old-fashioned.

At De Yoga Studio you decide how you want to become acquainted with Yoga in the way that suits you.
We have been a household name in Eindhoven for more than 15 years. So do not hesitate any longer and come and meet us!

You can choose from:

• a one-time free trial lesson;

• or instead of a free trial lesson: the Introduction Card: 3 lessons to get acquainted at a special rate (valid for two weeks);

• participating in one of our Intro to Yoga courses: in 4-5 weeks under the guidance of an experienced teacher you become familiar with the basics;

• participating in one of our Meet & Greet's.

(So you choose either/or, if you want to add an extra trial class, introcard or intro course after your initial one, you pay the additional costs).


Become a member: and choose every week from the wide range of lessons of more than 30 lessons.




The regular lessons are all in Dutch. We have many English speaking students who follow the Dutch lessons. Most of the time it is fine and after a few lessons they can keep up just as well as the Dutch students. Many Dutch (or Sanskrit) terms are repeated so you learn them very quickly.
All our teachers can speak English and when they speak to you individually (inside or outside class) they will do so in English.

And during the Ashtanga Mysore lessons (a non-guided class) the teacher will only speak to you individually (in English if you want).



Do you want to start with (a trial class) yoga at De Yoga Studio? NICE!

1.  Create an online account via my.deyogastudio (click here for the manual)

2. After creating an account, order and pay for a (free) trial lesson (via class cards)

3. Then check our timetable and choose from the lessons indicated with level level or ⃝⃝.

4. After your booking you will receive a confirmation of your booking and you can enjoy a wonderful yoga class.


Of course we are happy to help you make the right choice or book the lesson. So if you prefer to have personal contact before booking, please contact us.


If you already have experience and would like to participate in another class (level OOO or OOOO), please contact us.