Emotions & body

Emotions are not just an internal sensation - emotions have a physical component. There's a reason many facial expressions are universally recognized. For example, furrowed brows often indicate anger or frustration. Raised lips communicate happiness. Do you feel uncomfortable? Chances are you fold your arms over your chest. These are just some of the ways our bodies and emotions intersect.



What is Emotional Bodywork?
Through emotional bodywork you learn to listen better to the wisdom of your body. You get to know your emotions,  and their depth. You learn to feel, articulate and express them. Emotional bodywork teaches you to relax in everyday life. It gives peace of mind and ensures balance. Moreover, you will also look for your deep motivations. Who are you and what makes you happy? Contact with others is also very important.

Can you allow the other person emotionally and can you feel familiar and safe intimately with someone else? Or do you stay vigilant? Do you dare to come out completely or do you remain sensitive to shame and rejection?


Live from your heart and body
Do you want to get started with your inner wisdom and experience the richness of your emotional life? Do you want to live more from your heart (and body) than from your head? Then come on from Friday 3 November to participate in the workshop: "The wisdom of the body". This workshop is provided by Marcella Tam and Ellen van der Burg.