To abuse yoga as drug


Using a yoga class or practice to deny what you feel is like drinking alcohol to deny what you feel.
That is why it is important to stand on our yoga mat, no matter how we feel. Without that ritual, yoga just becomes another “drug”.


We are not claiming that you should stop drinking or that you are a bad person if you drink.
I have a drink every now and then and I clearly don't think that makes me a bad person
But if I'm completely honest with myself, I drink beer or wine 95% of the time to change my mood. I drink it because there is something in me that prevents me from being open and free.


Are you willing to confront what you encounter on your way in?

The "good" and the "bad"? The "painful" and the "non-painful"?

Don't you want to run away from this? And don't you want to use yoga as an escape from reality?

Do you want to use yoga as a courageous dive into reality?


🔥 Then practice yoga as it is intended. As a tool to see what the ultimate truth is.

Instead of numbing yourself on your mat for an hour to escape your (busy) life and then just continue after your class with what made you feel bad in the first place.


Time to look more often in the mirror of your soul! And what you do with it next is up to you.
Sometimes you decide to leave it because it's good, sometimes you decide it's time for new steps. But this is how you are being fair, honest, aware and sincere to yourself.


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