Zenash Schroijen

Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga


How / when did yoga come into your life? What does yoga mean to you?

From my background in movement theater I was looking for something to increase my body awareness. Yoga had been going on in my mind for a long time and at a young age I came into contact with Ayurveda and meditation, from which I already benefited a lot. So following yoga classes was actually a logical consequence. In 2017 I attended my first yoga class and it immediately felt like coming home. I immediately felt that I wanted to delve deeper into this. I felt that I had then found the constructive basis from which I want to live.



What can students expect in your lesson? What do you want to give your students?

I want to bring people more into contact with their feelings and their body through yoga. The Vinyasa classes that I give have a dynamic flow that makes you relax through effort. In the Vinyasa lessons I teach you how to link the movements to the breath. This makes the head and body more connected and you get into a meditative flow. Furthermore, I will introduce you to all the techniques involved in the asanas (postures) and vinyasas (transitions).


In addition to technology, I think it is the most important thing to tell you that you continue to listen to your body with compassion. Yoga is there to become more aware of your body and to stay true to it. You will learn to listen to the signals that your body gives you and where your limits lie. Get closer to your feeling, by working with your body and get closer to yourself.


What do you do besides yoga?

In addition to yoga, I also work part-time in the hospitality industry. I also love music, nature, reading, art and spending time with friends.


Which courses did you follow?

2021 - Yin Yoga Teacher Training, De Yoga Studio

2019 - Trauma en Healing

2018 - Intensieve Yoga docenten opleiding