Yoga for kids Eindhoven

What would you like to be a child again sometimes, or not?

Today the children's yoga classes start again at De Yoga Studio.

Nicole Bagaya from studio Bagaya takes the children on an adventure.


If you are still young at heart 😊 but older than 17, we are not yet allowed to receive you inside for group lessons.

However, we are allowed to accompany you individually or in groups of a maximum of 2 for wonderful yoga lessons.
So book your lesson and enjoy professional individual guidance at the same time as others.

And of course we are allowed to give group lessons on our exclusive rooftop shala, so keep our fingers crossed.


Whether we can still see the forest for the trees? Well not really. But yes TOGETHER we will get there.

So we stick to the rules whether we see the logic of it or not.

And follow the advice of the RIVM, the branch association yoga schools Netherlands and the municipality of Eindhoven.


Confusion in Yogastudio’s: ‘Die grijze mannen in Den Haag kennen yoga niet’


Do you still understand?

To keep your head cool: book your yoga class and enjoy a great yoga class!