Your breath is a natural energy booster is a powerful tool to break through physical tension, emotions, memories, trusts and patterns.

We all breathe and often completely unconsciously, but everything we experience can cause breathing and therefore you yourself to become unbalanced. This can cause various complaints, such as: fatigue, illness and stress.


Next time you breathe pay close attention through all the senses.


Follow its movement into the nostrils, into the throat and chest and its awakening invigorating effects throughout the entire body.

There is a sublime mystery inherent within the breath. Yoga has understood and imparted the knowledge of breath always. It’s teachers and practitioners have understood and experienced the subtle quality of the breath that awakens when we apply consciousness to it. Everyday breath supports a basic level of health and living. If breath is shallow or caught in the patterns of disturbed mind it will not sustain health or life well.


Keeping our feelings inside costs our system an awful lot of energy and creates a constant tension in our body.

Do you want to know more about the natural energy booster that your breath is and experience what a powerful tool your breath can be to break through physical tension, emotions, memories, beliefs and patterns?
Sunday 10th of September  you can participate in the workshop: Your natural energy booster.


Yogis have always understood the powerful connection between breath, wellbeing, and mind. Restoring the breath to effective volume and rhythm can work at improving wellbeing at the physical level. But to the yogi breath is a connector between our physical existence and our more subtle levels of being and experience. When breath becomes conscious, we move into the realms of pranayama practice. Once healthy effective physical breath has been established this is the first step toward pranayama. The next step is to develop the capacity to stretch, expand, lengthen, and pause the breath.

By consciously connected breathing you make a journey inwards, which makes you feel instead of thinking. By continuing to breathe with everything you encounter, you will feel what wants to be felt.


This opens us to an entirely different level of healing and potential. We are now working at the level of the pranamaya kosha (energetic sheath) within the subtle body. We are developing the ability to correct, awaken and cultivate vital life force or energy. This level of energy is the power of life within us. When this occurs, the physical body is strengthened and vitalized. All its functions are raised to a different level of potency. Wellbeing is raised to a new level entirely. There is room to let go of what you no longer need, room for new insights and renewed energy to get more satisfaction and joy out of life. You restore the connection with your inner truth, desires and needs. Feeling this connection again allows you to be true to who you really are.