Ashtanga Mysore

This is the traditional form of Ashtanga (Vinyasa) Yoga where you practice the Ashtanga series(s) independently, but in a group setting.
You will be guided one-on-one during your yoga practice.
The lessons are adapted to the level, needs, health and mental state of you as a practitioner.

In the beginning, your practice time/class time will vary from 30-45 minutes. If you have a little more experience, the duration of your lesson will be on average 1.15-1.30 hours. Mysore have flexible start times - make sure you come at least 60 minutes before class officially ends.



An Ashtanga Mysore class is for students of ALL experience levels (beginner - very advanced), regardless of age, background or physical abilities. Everyone is welcome.
The only requirement is the willingness to learn. Here you learn the Ashtanga practice (breathing, dristhi and postures), so no prior knowledge is required.

Mysore is the city in Southern IIndia where Ashtanga Yoga originated, hence the name.


You will benefit from the direct one-on-one guidance of your Mysore teacher and you will grow in your yoga practice through a gradual step-by-step approach. Respecting the unique pace and ability of each student. With a little time, you and your Mysore teacher will get to know each other and your Mysore teacher  will understand your unique needs and tailor the postures to your physical, energetic and mental constitution. With respect for your own pace and possibilities.


It is a common misconception that you must be a physically advanced Ashtanga practitioner to participate in an Ashtanga Mysore class.
Ashtanga Mysore classes are a great way (and THE traditional way) to get started with Ashtanga Yoga and learn the practice.

And especially when you are struggling with an injury, these are ideal lessons. Because you practice at your own pace.


Your body and mind need time to get used to Mysore classes. Discipline is therefore an important factor. Partly for this reason, we recommend new students to try Ashtanga Mysore classes for at least a month (at least two to three times a week, possibly in combination with an Ashtanga Led class).


Once you get used to your new lifestyle, you'll be in great shape all day long!



At Mysore style Ashtanga you can start flexibly, provided you have finished your practice before the end of the class.
As a beginner, your practice is half an hour, but you gradually increase that to 90 minutes.



There are no Ashtanga Mysore classes on the days of the full and new moon.
This is always adjusted in the current class schedule.