Kundalini Yoga


Kundalini Yoga is also called the yoga of consciousness and stands for the (healing) life energy that is present in each of us. This unique and ancient yoga style uses powerful, transformative techniques that strengthen body, mind and life energy.
Kundalini is a universal life force in each of us who, upon awakening, has the power to transform every facet of our life. Kundalini Yoga is the art and practice of activating this energy. 



Through a mix of asana, pranayama, music, mantra and powerful meditation, Kundalini Yoga helps to strengthen intuition and willpower and to activate and rebalance the nervous and glandular systems.
The exercises are great for building endurance, strengthening the body and increasing lung capacity.
It works directly on your hormone and nervous system and helps to clear physical, emotional and energetic blockages, relax more deeply and broaden your view.


suitable for:

The lesson is suitable for both beginners and advanced practicioners. You do not need to have prior experience. While this is not a dynamic lesson in the same way as Ashtanga Vinyasa lessons, it can be challenging. In general, you will not perform a sequence in a flow, but the postures can be intense.
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